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Welcome to the new "The Pond Pad"

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

We are your online resource for Pond, Pond Plants, Fish and Garden Information, Educational Classes, eBooks and Consultations from an expert with over 25 years experience.

It may be hard to trust what you read online. Everyone seems to be an "instant expert" lately with the false assumption that they can solely rely on YouTube or Google.

Let us help you build the garden of your dreams. Create your own balanced ecosystem in your own backyard.

Knowledge combined with Experience is Valuable.

Every one has their own style and idea of what they are looking for. Search for images of what attracts you, set goals and a budget. When we you accomplish your projects?

Ask Your Self These Questions:

  1. Temporary or Perminant- is your project a seasonal one, permanent, or are you moving soon?

  2. DIY or Professional? Are you planning to do this project yourself or do you need to hire someone.

  3. What's Your Budget? Do you need to save up, get a loan or do in steps?

  4. Time Frame. When will you do your project?

  5. Planning and Research. Consult with an expert if needed.

Stun Your Neighbors with your Inspiration.

Work with Mother Nature rather than Against Her!

Let us Help You and in Turn Help Us. Please share our posts and recommend us on social media.

We are Dedicated to Educating Everyone on the ways We Can Clean & Protect the Environment. This planet belongs to all us and it deserves our respect & care.

Take some time to smell the flowers, listen to the birds sing and enjoy nature.


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