Classes Spring 2022

on Zoom - Pierce College 

First Time Gardener - Sat. 4-16, 10-11:30am. Discover the pleasure of gardening and how to care for plants using effective natural methods safe for kids and pets. Join Horticulturist Kerri Bailey as she shares +20 years’ experience as an organic gardener and nursery veteran. We will focus on selecting plants, basic landscape design principles as well as seasonal plant care & garden techniques geared for the PNW- garden tools, proper planting/transplanting, watering, pruning, soils & mulches, fertilizers, pesticides, weeding concepts. Class includes handout & eBook. Pierce College Continuing Education, Puyallup, WA on ZOOM

Low Maintenance Gardens - Sat. 4-30, 10-11:30am. Our lives may be busy and hectic leaving little time for busy outdoor chores. Learn tricks and tips to create and maintain a low maintenance gorgeous garden even on a budget. We will cover easy to care for plants, containers & raised beds, hardscapes, weed control methods and other low maintenance garden ideas.   Class includes handout & eBook. Pierce College Continuing Education, Puyallup, WA on ZOOM


Small Space Gardens - Sat. 5-14, 10-11:30am.  Make the most out of a small garden with these ideas and inspirations to maximize your garden space to the fullest. Learn how to make every square inch count while thinking outside the box- even vertically. We will discuss container growing, patio trees, compact & narrow plants, green fences and creating cozy garden rooms for a useful, edible and fragrant garden. Class includes handout & eBook. Pierce College Continuing Education, Puyallup, WA on ZOOM


Kitchen Medicine Garden - Sat. 5-28, 10-11:30am. There is nothing like the taste of fresh herbs & flowers straight from the garden! Learn how to create and care for your own organic herb & medicine garden for cooking, preserving, and making amazing tea beverages & spice blends. Save money by growing edibles. Includes Recipes, eBook and Handout.  Pierce College Continuing Education, Puyallup, WA on ZOOM


Pollinator Gardens - Sat. 6-4, 10-11:30am. Attracting Bees, Butterflies & Hummingbirds is not just for old fashioned cottage gardeners! Learn how you can create a gorgeous, easy care garden with increased fruits and vegetable yields while attracting pollinators-butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other beneficial insects. We will also discuss how to create micro-prairies using native grasses and flowers and other sustainable habitat areas and survival elements. Students will learn which Native Bees (mason, leaf cutter & beneficial), Hummingbirds & Butterflies are local to our area. Includes an eBook and Handout. Pierce College Continuing Education, Puyallup, WA on ZOOM

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Bonsai Care & Creation Tues. 4-19-22 6-7:30pm. Discover the living art form of Bonsai, which literally means “tree in a pot”. Join horticulturist Kerri Bailey as she reveals the ancient mysteries of Bonsai creation in this demonstration and lecture style class. You will learn basic bonsai techniques- potting, pruning, wiring and cultivation for you to create and maintain your own hardy, outdoor or indoor bonsai tree. This class includes bonsai care step by step guide & ebook. SPSCC Lacey Campus

Cooking with Herbs – Summer BBQ - 6-7:30pm

7-22. Put a little spice in your life, or at least in your food! In this class we will discuss herbs and spices that can enhance the flavor of your Summer favorite dishes, as well as how to make your own seasoning blends, BBQ rubs, Dressings and Salads. Includes a handout, recipes and eBook. SPSCC Lacey Campus